Welcome All, Me Advika :)

So far, all I do - is sleep, but mom and dad can't take their eyes off of me.

My mom and dad have started my website so that you can watch me grow.

I would love to meet you in person, but until then, you can visit my website to see what I have been up to.


My Birth Date: January 5, 2009

My Birth Time: 8:40PM

My Weight: 6 pounds - 4 ounces

My Height: 18 inches


My first bubble bath in my bath tub. Love taking bath this way every day..


When I get a little stir crazy, I will go for a ride in my car.


I love being outside where there are lots of things to look at...Not in my little car....though


Here I am cruising in my little boat in the pool. I spent 2 hours in this thing and then slept "like a baby". 

You know I been to Lord’s stadium...my first cricket match...Now a day’s I’m in to sports also...hey  

My favourite rhyme and my fav restaurant...Old mc Donald... Had a farm...Eia...Eia...EiaO


I too use phone...iphone..not mine, mummies... don’t tell her otherwise she won’t let me use...


I celebrated Dewali too...I am too little to lit the crackers...So watched while Papa & Mama doing..Enjoyed... off course bit scared..


I started using Laptop...but not as everyone does...You know i’m advika...I am unique...


You know how I dress up in winter and summer. You know we can’t predict British weather...


I started walking...big trouble for my mum and dad... hurray.... all are after me,running to catch me... come on you to try...

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